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View from the top of Headline Hill looking south and  the Community of Coote Hill

Photo contributed by Eldon Graham


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The Base Gagetown Community History Association Inc. was officially organized in July 1998 to collect the history of over 20 communities and the genealogy of the 750 families that resided prior to 1953 in the 500 sq. mile area in Queens and Sunbury Counties of South‑Western New Brunswick, Canada, now occupied by Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.

  A J Brooks, Q.C. Member of Parliament for Royal Constituency,  stated in the House of Commons on Dec 3, 1952 “that It had come as a great shock to the people residing in western Queens County to read in the newspapers that their homes were to be taken from them to be used as a military camp. Not only do they have to leave their homes, but also their farms, their communities, their churches, schools, friends, societies and the cemeteries. They are splendid people whose ancestors have lived in that section for four or five generations.... There are no finer people in New Brunswick than those in The CFB Gagetown area. They had good farm lands and some of the finest dairy farms in New Brunswick. Then, too, they had distinguished themselves in the last war”.

   Our Association has a private email list and associated web site with 140 signed on for the exchange of information on Base families and communities.  Information for joining this list can be found at  You are invited to also visit our other site at

   The purpose of this site is for the sharing of knowledge relating to the former training area families and communities. This information may not be copied for commercial use or distribution and is provided freely by our Association with the understanding that it will not be copied for financial gain and may not be modified or reposted without permission from the BGCHA.

    This web site will be under construction for some time as time permits for the information to be assembled. For additional information, questions or comments about the Association, send an email to  (also see Items Wanted ) Our postal mailing address is ‑


BGCHA, P O Box 20086, Saint John NB E2L 5B2

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Disclaimer  The Base Gagetown Community History Association, executive, members, employees and those submitting historical data make every effort to provide as accurate information as possible. We make corrections when they are brought to our attention. We take no liability for errors, omissions, or linked sites.

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