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Queens County

Armstrongs Corner              40} Lyons Cemetery
Bayard's Crossing                        36} Bayard's CrossingCemetery
Clarendon                                  35} Clarendon Cemetery
Clones                                       44} Killen Cemetery (near Knowlton Hill - maybe a BG designation)
Coote Hill                              30} United Church Cemetery      31} United Church Cemetery Extension (of #30 - across the road)                                           32} Woods' Cemetery
Dunns Corner                            05} Kerr Cemetery                   06} Sutton Cemetery               28} Presbyterian Kirk Cemetery                               29} St Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery (Headline Hill)
Mount Douglas                          37} Burton Family Cemetery
Hamilton Mountain              26] Baptist Cemetery
Hibernia                                     10} Browntown Cemetery          15} Clarke Cemetery (formerly Oxbow}                                     11} Mable Nelson Cemetery (Browntown, Dunn's Corner)       16} McConchie Cemetery       14} United Baptist Church Cemetery
Lawfield                                     09} Pentecostal Cemetery, Full Gospel Church
New Jerusalem                          18} Beckett's Cemetery               19}Peak of the Grant Cemetery (mistakenly called Bogle)r             22} Cenotaph, New Jerusalem 17}Johnston Cemetery             24} Monument to Men Killed    in Tank 17 May 1973                  27} Pender Cemetery (West Jerusalem)                                   21} Short Road Cemetery         20} United Church of Canada Cemetery / formerly Methodist                                    23} West Jerusalem (Pollyhurst) First Baptist Church (Hill Baptist Church)                                       25} West Jerusalem Cemetery  (Machum Cemetery )             13} Welbon Cemetery is about 400 meters off the Machum Road and is difficult to access.  You need to cross a brook. There are eight marked graves with white crosses with no names.
North Clones                           04} United Church of Canada Cemetery
Petersville                               38} Monument to Otter Aircraft Accident                                      39} Saint Ignatius RC Church Cemetery
Summer Hill                          08} St. Augustin's Anglican Church Cemetery                        07} United Church of Canada Cemetery
Upper Hibernia                       12} Midway Upper Hibernia Cemetery      (formerly ownerd by Peter Cruickshank)

Sunbury County

Lauvina Woods                     01} Lauvina Woods Cemetery   03} Harper Cemetery                 
Blissville                                    33} Blissville Cemetery - off Branch Rd. Rte 101               34} Blissville Cemetery - Rte 101
?   41} Guthrie Cemetery (behind Rifle Range No.3)
Shirley Settlement Rd.             42) Shirley Settlement Cemetery
Victoria Settlement               02} Victoria Settlement Cemetery (may be #41?)
43} Caufield Cemetery is in Gagetown Parish, off the Drummond Road about 300 meters in the woods and is just a couple meters past the Queens County line. There is only one marked grave and it is a white cross with no name on it. 
Blissville Cemetery
Off Branch Road - Hwy 101,
Sunbury Co., New Brunswick


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Mersereau Jacob - 22 Dec 1862 65  1610  -