Base Gagetown Community History Association

Queens County, New Brunswick
Included Browntown
School Districts of Hibernia & Upper Hibernia

  • Cemeteries:
  • Churches:
    • Church of New Ireland / United Baptist Church - Photos from Jim Hodgson ca. 1953  <front> and <side> view taken after the church was abandoned
  • Maps/Lands:
    • Map received from Connie Denby
    • Hibernia: Settlement, 10 mi. S of Gagetown: Hampstead Parish, Queens County: settlers by Irish about 1810: formerly named New Ireland: in 1866 New Ireland was a farming community with approximately 18 resident families: PO Hibernia 1871-1953: in 1866 Hibernia was a farming settlement with approximately 20 resident families: in 1898 Hibernia had 1 store, 1 church and a population of 100: now within CFB Gagetown. Hibernia: Former settlement in Black River area, 12 mi. E of Saint John: Simonds Parish, Saint John County: settled by Irish immigrants about 1830: in 1866 Hibernia was a farming and shipbuilding community with approximately 8 resident families. Ref: Community Place Names in New Brunswick, Canada, compiled by Robert F. Fellows
  • Residents:
  • History
    • Hibernia News  , 22Oct 1980, by Eugene Campbell, p.12 The Oromocto Post
  • Schools:
  • Hibernia Families:


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