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Churches Expropriated for Base Gagetown : Some Photos taken by the Dept. of National Defence and others were submitted by members.


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Pentecostal Tabernacle H-18-2.jpg



United Church of Canada T-36
(Formerly the United Church at Tweedsmuir which was moved to Oromocto)

Clones (North)




United Church of Canada C-33-2.jpg

Coote Hill




United Church of Canada S-39-6.jpg


Dunn's Corner




Kirk Presbyterian Church



Dunn's Corner / Headline Hill



Petersville Episcopal Church (St Peters)






St Paul's Church W-106 (in ruins / anyone have a picture of it before it collapsed) Thought to actually be St. Alban's Anglican Church at Speight Settlement built in 1902 by Rev. H A Cody. Someone may have a picture before the community was abandoned after the first world war.



Hamilton Mt


United Baptist Church (Home Mission Board United Baptist Convention Maritime Provinces)






Free Church of New Ireland H-63-9.jpg






Full Gospel Church of Lawfield


New Jerusalem




West Jerusalem First Baptist Church (Hill / DND photo missing) This photo is courtesy of Verna Kirk, she inherited it from her Aunt Leilia (Lilly) Machum, who possibly took the picture.It was used it in the book "New Jerusalem We Remember". (Supplied by Verna Mott)





United Church of Canada (formerly Methodist)



Jerusalem United Baptist Church






United Church of Canada






Petersville St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church



t. Augustine Anglican Church



St. Augustine Anglican Church (bldg now moved and renovated, King St in Chipman - see also the Graham church listed for a pre-move version) (Not a DND photo)



Summer Hill



United Church of Canada



Summer Hill



Church - Graham, JH, Arlington Est. S-93-2



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