People/Families who lived in the community ( Click for a larger view )


Photo taken ca. 1952-53 / owned by Viola McCarthy
These photos were submitted by
Suzanne & Lloyd McCann and Irene (Keegan) Keleher

Enniskillen School - younger students

Back Row: Doreen McCann, Judy Hasson, Nancy Mallett

3rd. Row: George Shannon, Tresa Simpson, Irene Keegan, Evelyn McCarthy

2nd Row: Bobby Butler, Maurice Murray, Joey Simpson, Ralph Murray, Francis Simpson

1st. Row: Rosemary Mallette, Cedric McCann, Shirley Shannon, Maureen Keegan

Photo taken ca. 1952-53 / owned by Viola McCarthy
These photos were submitted by
Suzanne & Lloyd McCann and Irene (Keegan) Keleher





Enniskillen School - older students

Back Row: Carl Murray, Eugene Daigle

Girls: Doreen Shannon, Mary Boucher, Freda Daigle, Barbara Simpson, Mary Lou Hasson, Viola McCarthy

Front Row: Ronnie Murray, Joey Boucher, Jackie Butler

Photo taken ca. 1952-53 / owned by Viola McCarthy
These photos were submitted by
Suzanne & Lloyd McCann and Irene (Keegan) Keleher





Inchby School House 1924

submitted by Dana King

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Hibernia School ( Upper )

Class of 1922 (Dana King)

submitted by Dana King




Petersville Group-1 (Children



Picture taken at the Experimental Farm, Fredericton, c.1928.
Photo submitted by Irene (Keegan) Keleher

Back Row: Joe O'Donnell, Johnny Henderson, Tommy Costello, George Keegan, Charlie O'Donnell, George Harkins Jr., Tommy Titus, George Breen, John Hogan

Middle Row: Helen Henderson, Gert Hogan, Ellen Hogan, Myrtle McCann

Front Row: Robert Keegan, Herbie Hogan, Danny Hogan, Willie Hogan

Picture taken at the Experimental Farm, Fredericton, c.1928.
Photo submitted by Irene (Keegan) Keleher



Petersville Group-2 (same Children & Adults)



Back Row: - ? , Catherine McCann, - ? , Fred O'Neill, Andy O'Neill, Jack Duplisea, Mike Hogan, - ? , George Harkins Sr., Dan Butler, Herb Hasson, Pat Breen, Basil Breen?, Dan Blakely, Henry O'Donnell, Frank Keegan, Tom Galvin, - ? , - ? .

Middle Row: Jimmy Butler, Hughie Butler, Eddie Mallette, Joe Butler, Tommy Shannon, Frank Gallagher, George Hogan, Charlie McDevitt, Jimmy Hogan

Front Row: - ? , Herbie Hogan, Cedric Breen, Albert Breen, Tommy Costello, , Danny Hogan, - ? , Willie Hogan, Gert Hogan, - ? , Eleanor McGuire?, Myrtle McCann, Charlie O'Donnell, Tommy Titus

Petersville Group-2 (same Children & Adults) Picture taken at the Experimental Farm, Fredericton, c.1928.
Photo submitted by Irene (Keegan) Keleher




Aunt Laura with Ann (Craig) Sadler 1972(?);
Submitted by : Bonnie Glassfo




Enniskillen Community - 1949

Photos submitted by Suzanne McCann





Earl Bertrum as a Youngster in his airplane.



Earl Bertrum Selfridge as a High School Student


Bill Simpson and Marion

Submitted by : Jim Leavens






Simpson house on the Short or Simpson road.

Submitted by : Jim Leavens




Francis Shanks was hauling Gordon Moores Bulldozer, and he went through it the year 1952. submitted by Suzanne McCann



Bus Schedule 1938



Photos: Mom and Kids at Bogle Place

(Carolyn, Paulette & Paul)

submitted by Paul Thom





McKinney & Lyon


Mary Ann McKinney (Lyon)
Mary Jane Machum (McKinney) James Mckinney 1864-1916 is one of the 6 men standing . I have surmised that at least two of the other men are George Lyons brothers. I am guessing the photo is taken around 1890.

The man sitting with beard is one James McKinney 1832-1909. I am 90 % sure.

Submitted by : Karl McKinney



Left to Right: Martha (Paisley) Hamilton, Mabel Moore (wife of Charles Moore) & Daughter Elva (Moore) Shortt - submitted by Betty Damery

Left to Right: Martha (Paisley) Hamilton, Mabel Moore



 Uncle John McKinney, with the young Hilda (Corbett) Craig, around 1906(?).

Submitted by : Bonnie Glassford





John McKinney, Frank Corbett, Trephena McKinney, and Grandfather Frank McKinney holding the baby Marian Corbett.

Submitted by : Bonnie Glassford




Men and Women working on the Railroad


From Allen Butler (ca. 1944 taken in Enniskillen they worked on the railroad during the war.) Left to right Andrew Duplisea, Dorothy Butler, Eleanor Hasson, Marjory McCann, Alice Duplisea, Catherine McCann - submitted by Suzanne McCann




Old Petersville Post Office


Photo from Campbell Photography Archives in the Post-Gazette 28 Jul 1993
Photo submitted by Suzanne & Lloyd McCann

Home of Charles O'Donnell in 1952-3





The Fred Barnett Home - Machum Road, Pollyhurst. This view was taken from the Living Room side, which was seldom seen by visitors who usually entered the grounds facing the back door. Although this home was built ca. 1924 only the downstairs was completed, the upstairs was never completed past the roughed in stage.

Photo submitted by
Cleadie B. Barnett




Photo submitted by Cleadie B. Barnett

Pansy Hill Farm - Home of Alice Maude (Dixon) Barnett in 1953. Former owners were her son Chris (shortly after WW II), and previous to that by Charles & Annie (Cochrane) Belyea. Charles was the half brother to Alice's mother-in-law, and he had two daughters, Inez and Margaret. Charles d. in 1912, and Annie d. in 1922. Inez was unmarried and it is not known by me, if she remained on this farm, or went to live with her sister Margaret, who had m. Judson Fulton.


The Woods

From Left to right Helena Emily Lyon, Leona Lyon, Murial and Pearl Woods.
Guessing photo taken between 1935 and 1940
Photo Courtesy: Diane Nutter.





McCracken Kids


Standing L to R: Mable McCracken, Les Smith, Jessie McCracken (Jessie McCracken married Hardy Parker from Welsford). Seated L to R: Elsie McCracken, George McCracken. Picture probably taken at Armstrongs Corner -


Submitted by Suzanne McCann



Photo submitted by Betty Damery.

David Moore - b. in Ireland, ca. 1800. It is believed he settled in New Jerusalem ca. 1824/9. He was a teacher. David died in 24 Feb 1883, and was buried in the Hill Baptist Church Cemetery.



Moses, Rebecca and Havelock Moore


Rebecca was a midwife and help delivered many babies in the area. At a recent family reunion, a family member brought to the reunion a folding rocker that Rebecca used to take with her while she sat by the expecting mother.

submitted by Betty Damery




Ernest Thomas Webb - George Amos Webb - BenNoah Isaiah Webb - Eliza Jane (Webb) -Selfridge Priscilla Delilah (Webb) Machum

( Photo send in my Karl McKinney courtesy of Ken Webb. )

Webb & Machum

Webb's with Viola Machum and Iabell Steddman
Submitted by : Karl McKinney

Webb & McKinney

Webbs, Wedell McKinney others
Danny - Florence Machum - Forrest - Medley - Viola Machum - Charlie..

Submitted by : Karl McKinney




Medley Webb - Wendell McKinney - Harry Webb - Charlie - Vera - Everett - Forrest Webb - Viola Machum - Everett Reid -
Danny Webb - Elton Theobald - Florence Machum - Roy Webb

Submitted by : Karl McKinney





NB Ladies.

In the 1956 NB Ladies one, Laura is in the centre with the white flowers on dark background, then to her right is Trephena (aka Esther), and then I believe Robina.

Submitted by : Bonnie Glassford




Paulette Thom

submitted by Paul Thom





Robina with John and Marian Corbett, taken in Ontario around 1927.
Submitted by : Bonnie Glassford

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McCann ( Arnold ) and his father William ca. 1926

Photo were submitted by Suzanne & Lloyd McCann and Irene (Keegan) Keleher
(Lloyd is the son of Arnold,)



A picture of John, Phil, William, Leo, Frank, Steve McCann sons of Michael and Johanna (Sweeney) McCann.
Photo taken 1916.





Seated: Lena (Shannon) McCann holding
Great-great-granddaughter Meadow McIntosh,
Standing: L to R: Great-granddaughter Desiree McIntosh, Daughter Doreen (McCann) Thomas,
Granddaughter Mary Ann (McIntosh) Munn




Pictures submitted by Suzanne & Lloyd McCann

Seated: Mrs Edith (McDevitt) Shannon wife of James Edward Shannon
Left to Right: Daughter Lena (Shannon) McCann
Great-Granddaughter Mary Ann (Ogden) McIntosh
Granddaughter Doreen (McCann) Ogden
Great-Great-Granddaughter Desiree McIntosh.



McCann (Marjorie, Lloyd and Arnold )Photo taken 1941

Photo submitted by Suzanne & Lloyd McCann




Selfridge Family

George Atley Selfridge and Gertrude Irene McConchie Selfridge and their three Children:
Walter Garfield, Kathleen Irene, Earl Bertrum.

New Jerusalem ( Orange Parade )




Orange parade in New Jerusalem-
Submitted by : Jim Leavens