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Base Gagetown Community History Association


You might find information in the links below, that will be useful to compile your family or community history for people and places in one of the many communities within the boundaries of Base Gagetown, or where you might find interesting information about places in New Brunswick. (See the catagories to the left for links to specific items.)

If you have know of a site relating to Queens & Sunbury Counties, we ask you to submit the URL, so we can post it here. If you have data you would like us to mount on our companion site for you, please contact the Association at  info@bgcha.ca and let us know the particulars of what you have, in what format, etc. and we will get back to you as to how we can make use of it.



BIRTHS/DEATHS - Newspaper clipping - most for people connected with Queens and Sunbury Counties. May also be a few marriages and misc. events.
CANADIAN PHONE NUMBERS  - Find any Person or Business listed in any Canadian Phone Book
CYNDI'S LIST - Genealogy Resources NB 
FAMILY SEARCH - FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service a web site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with access to many records and a free genealogical program.
GAGETOWN - Village of Gagetown - see links at end of their site.
GAGETOWN - Welcome to the Village of Gagetown, NB...A quaint community nestled along the banks of the Saint John River
HOWE FAMILY - From Ireland, to Queens Co, NB
IRELAND - FERMANAGH MILLENIUM - Place where folks have been putting records, etc. for Co. Fermanagh. Use the search for your name query.
IRELAND - Irish Insights (Irish Internet Dir) A good place to find everything from travel info to genealogy in Ireland. 
IRELAND - Local Ireland - News, Genealogy, Travel 
NATIONAL LIBRARY - The National Library of Canada home page with a searchable index of what is available anywhere in Canada.
NEW BRUNSWICK - NB Classifieds - A searchable database of classified ads from newspapers all over New Brunswick. 
NEW BRUNSWICK - New Brunswick GenWeb site has links to many areas of the province where you can follow the trail of your kin, as they moved away from the Base Gagetown area.
NEW BRUNSWICK - New Brunswick Genealogical Society has several branches throughout New Brunswick, and produces a quaterly journal.
NEW BRUNSWICK - New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB - click on collections to see what is available, and how to use it. It also tells what was transferred to the Saint John Regional Library, Market Square.
NEW BRUNSWICK - The official government of New Brunswick site, gives links to many items of interest to those away from the province.
NEW BRUNSWICK - A mixture of information may be found at new-brunswick.net, that will help you get a feel of New Brunswick life today.
NEW BRUNSWICK - New Brunswick Funeral Homes - A list of NB Funeral Homes with past obituaries and picture
NEW BRUNSWICK - New Brunswick's Past, is a site started from an old newsletter, We Lived. Most of the Queens County data was transferred to the Queens County GenWeb, but there has been new additions of Church records and photos, as well as some general Queens Co. related photos.
PANB - The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick has a site with many items that will help find birth, marriage and death records.
PHONE LINKS - New Brunswick NB-Tel's Power Pages Web Site phone listings  (updated ever twelve hours).
QUEENS COUNTY - Queens County Historical Society & Museum The Tilley House and Museum, and the Court House.
QUEENS COUNTY - Queens County GenWeb site contains many items of interest to researchers, such as indexes to probate records, some cemetery, and other records. The 1871 and 1891 census records are also on this site.
SUNBURY COUNTY - Sunbury County GenWeb has many useful items, such as an index to probate records, birth, death and marriage records, as well as a great County map, cemeteries and lots more.
TOURISM- For those researching your families, but have never lived in, nor visited New Brunswick, this site might be helpful.
USA SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX - USA Social Security Death Index - The SSDI contains over 62 million entries. Anyone who has died in the US with a SS# is indexed and can be located with a search enabling you to locate a death certificate. See details at http://www.rootsweb.com/~rwguide/lesson10.htm
VIRUS SOFTWARE - Free anti-virus software for home use 
VITAL STATS - Vital Statistics From New Brunswick Newspapers by Daniel Johnson have been published in over 80 vols. These are for the first NB newspaper in the 1700's until well into the 1880's. He has a search service described at the link given.
WORLD CONNECT - WorldConnect is a Rootsweb gedcom site, where you will find many families from around the world recorded. Many files permit you to download the information in a gedcom file, while others permit other types of copies.