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Speight Settlement
Queens County, New Brunswick
Abandoned community by 1953

  • Cemeteries:
    • There was never a cemetery consecrated for St. Albans Anglican Church, and burials were made at Oak Point Anglican Churchyard and later at St James Cemetery, Brown's Flats. The Baptist and Methodists of the area also went in that direction. Ref: Richard Speight
  • Churches:
    • Saint Albans Anglican Church, was built under the direction of Rev. Cody, later Archdeacon Cody, in the early part of the 1900's. Ref: Richard Speight
  • Maps/Lands:
    • Speights Corner: Settlement, 7 mi. NE of Welsford: Petersville Parish, Queens County: settled 1885: PO 1890-1915 with A.F. Speight as first postmaster: in 1898 Speights Corner was a settlement with a population of 25: formerly called Hardscrabble. Ref: Community Place Names in New Brunswick, Canada, compiled by Robert F. Fellows
  • Residents:
  • Schools:
    • Speight Settlement:Abandoned (DND Lot# W-106-B)


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